Family support

Family Support

Stroke and the onset of a progressive aphasia are traumatic events which impact whole families, and the primary carer, in particular. Aphasia compounds the difficulty since it is often impossible for couples to talk through the changes that have occurred. Frustration and stress are commonplace. At Dyscover we support families along their journeys of adjustment with our special Conversation Partners courses, alongside regular sessions focussed on information sharing, stress management, or peer support. We can also put family members in touch with local carers support organisations who have a wealth of specialist knowledge. In addition we offer courses for people and their relatives who have primary progressive aphasia. This course includes monthly follow-up meetings.

Local carers’ support organisations


What’s on offer

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“Dyscover is an absolute lifeline for us and greatly appreciated”


“As a group the carers and members no longer feel alone, & see a future. More groups are needed…several members travel miles it’s so good.” Sally


“I have so much more understanding of aphasia… we have better conversations. I could have gone on a lot longer,  I gained so much from it” Feedback from Carol after taking a Conversation Partners Course with her mother