Paul’s Presentation

On the last day of term, Member Paul hosted a presentation about photography and entertained the whole group when describing his recent trip to London, teaching Barry (former Member, turned volunteer) how to take amazing photos.

He spent several days putting together a very interesting and amusing session, which kept everyone laughing. Paul enjoyed being the ‘teacher’ for a change and sharing his expertise.

Paul and Barry plan to do more photography trips soon.

John’s Spotlight

John gave a fascinating spotlight presentation to his Kingston group about his recent trip to Alaska. Including maps, leaflets and wonderful photographs of the jaw-dropping scenery in Denali National Park and Glacier Bay, a forest ‘pickled’ by salt water and a humpback whale and her baby, John entertained the members with his lively anecdotes.

Sporting his favourite ‘Meals on Wheels’ souvenir t-shirt, John informed the members he’d spotted one bear, one moose and several bald eagles, as well as the whales, on their trip. What an adventure!

New Group

A new Foundation Group started this term, led by SLT Maggie Stapleton, who is also new to Dyscover, with experienced SLTA Caroline and volunteers Geoff and Danni. We now have five group members, who all had their strokes within approximately the last two years.  It has been wonderful to witness group members getting to know each other and gain confidence in speaking in a group.  There has been a lot of sharing of ideas, from Apps to kitchen gadgets!  Group member Marc shared his tuna pasta recipe, writing down the ingredients on his whiteboard to help him describe it.  This prompted members to share their experiences finding useful kitchen gadgets for chopping, opening tins and cooking with the use of one hand. We are expecting numbers in this group to increase as we get new referrals and we are currently working out (with input from members) what topics we will cover next term.

Surrey Hills physio visit

Last Wednesday morning we were very happy to welcome Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist Kim Wilson and final year student, Sam, to our group.

Members had many questions about tone and tightness, especially in the upper limb. They also wanted advice on how to accommodate other changes, often several years after a Stroke and how to approach self-directed exercise. There was also discussion on pain management and the importance of looking after posture and the weaker side whilst doing other activities (such as having a conversation!)

Kim spent more than an hour explaining what happens to muscles after a stroke and answering members’ questions. She made great use of props, drawing and writing key words to ensure that everyone was able to follow her clear explanations.

All agreed it was an enjoyable, interesting and valuable session.

Farewell Christine


On Thursday, we said farewell to long serving volunteer Christine Dearsley, who is stepping back from Dyscover after an incredible 16 years of amazing service. Christine has been a huge part of Dyscover not only helping in our weekly groups but also with activities and days out, running a choir, hosting an open Garden and other fundraising events to name a few! The staff, members and other volunteers will all really miss Christine and we do hope that she stays in touch.

Apps and Technology

Our discussion topic on technology quickly moved on to sharing useful Apps, particularly text to speech functions.
Later, members shared worrying experiences of being targeted by scammers and the best approach to avoid becoming a victim. We discussed the particular challenges of scammers exploiting reading and auditory comprehension problems with fake letters and phone calls. Hardly anyone was unaffected, suggesting this is a topic we should regularly revisit.

Indra’s Jubilee Artwork

For our discussion on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Indra brought in this wonderful artwork which he had produced of the Queen. The other members, volunteers and staff in his Thursday morning group were all so impressed with the detail and skill of his drawing.

Thursday AM Face-to-Face Group Art Activity – 16th June 2022

Thursday AM group members were treated to a fantastic art activity in their group session last week, kindly organised and delivered by volunteer Pat, with support from Kirsten. The clever marbling activity involved adding drops of oil paints to a bowl of water and moving around the colours with a toothpick to produce patterns.  A piece of paper was then dipped into the water which picked up the marbling patterns and colours. The session was inspired by some beautiful marbling artworks produced by Chris, one of the members in the group, which she’d shared with others last term.

The simple activity enabled all the members to easily participate and produced some really terrific results which were turned into a bookmark and greetings card for each member that took part.

The activity encouraged lots of collaboration between members as well as much laughter and conversation.

 Leisure interests

Are you an avid sports fan or do you have a passion for music? Aphasia makes it hard to share our interests and talk about past achievements. When offered some options, our members could join the conversation, elaborate and discover common interests in the group. 

Boccia activity

Thursday morning members had a great time playing Boccia in the second half of their session recently, with much laughter and jollity resulting from the game. There was stiff competition between the red and blue teams and some mischievous light-hearted banter between Brian and John as they attempted to distract each other!

Media Info

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