Case Studies

Paul Brown

Paul Brown found that his stroke had an unexpected positive side effect. For 20 years he had suffered from debilitating nerve pain affecting his whole body. Attempts to relieve it included surgery and morphine, but nothing worked.

Then came his stroke and Paul has been pain-free ever since. The stroke left him with communication and mobility problems, but says Paul, “being free of pain at last is worth it.”

Paul had his stroke in January 2017 and he said “Dyscover is excellent”. “The staff are really good and activities are fun and helpful. I like seeing my mates.” He has learnt to use his phone as a back-up to words when communicating.

Our outside activities are something else that Paul enjoys, including golf, swimming and the varied Dysocver outings. He is building up his strength by going to the gym three times a week. “I don’t like it but I have to.” As a result of all this activity he is feeling fit – helped by the fact that he has given up smoking and drinking.

Paul lives in Warlingham with his wife Katy and he has three daughters. His main hobby is photography and he has a passion for taking shots outdoors, including landscapes and nature.

His hopes for the future include improved speech. “I know it will take a long time, but I am happy.”

Paul is working towards a return to employment, but has an open mind about what that might be.



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