Dyscover Online Project

Dyscover offers a unique programme of support for people with for people with aphasia and their families, led by Speech and Language Therapists. We are embarking on a project to reach more people who do not currently have access to long-term aphasia support. We are looking into new ways of expanding our online services in areas of greatest need. 

The Dyscover Online project aims to explore how we can support harder to reach people with aphasia through our online services.

The project is currently in the research phase until March 2023 and we are inviting professionals, organisations and people with aphasia to share their views. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at office@dyscover.org.uk

Why are we doing this?

Covid taught us that anything is possible with the right help and support. 95% of our members moved to online sessions during 2020, most had never heard of Zoom or been in an online group. 

We continue to offer sessions online and we know that many more people with aphasia are still isolated at home and would benefit from online support. 

What do we hope to offer?

Results of our consultation so far suggest that there is demand for Dyscover’s unique SLT-led service, providing a range of differentiated and holistic support for people with aphasia. We are looking forward to working in partnership with providers across the NHS and voluntary sector to help meet this need and shape our online service for the future. 

Can I sign up or refer someone now?

Yes. We accept referrals for our current sessions and we will be generating a waiting list in anticipation of the next phase of the project in April 2023.

Help Shape the Dyscover Online Service

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Professional Visitor Session

We will be holding online visitor sessions for SLTs and other professionals working with people with aphasia. Hear about the range of online services we offer to people with aphasia, and meet our enthusiastic team and members. 

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The Dyscover Online Project Team

Lin Cockayne 
Project Lead 
Liz Grace 
Project Co-ordinator
Helen Ingram Project

Contact us at office@dyscover.org.uk